DNJia Tissue and Bacteria Kit

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DNJia Tissue and Bacteria Kit Provides a fast, reliable, meticulous method for genomic DNA isolation from various sample types including animal tissues and bacteria. This kit is based on spin column technology for isolation of concentrated, highly purified, intact genomic DNA which is suitable to use for variety of downstream processes such as PCR, Southern blot, genotyping and etc.

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DNJia Tissue and Bacteria Kit content

Component 50 preps 100 preps
TLB 9 ml 18 ml
ORB 10 ml 20 ml
BWB1 (concentrate) 17 ml 35 ml
BWB2 (concentrate) 15 ml 32 ml
RRB 10 ml 20 ml
RJ-Protease 1 ml 2 X 1 ml
Spin Columns 50 100
Collection Tube 50 100


Shipment condition is checked by ROJETechnologies. After arrival, all reagents should be kept dry, at room temperature. We suggested to store RJ-Protease at -20 °C for longer stability; However, for routine use it could be stored at 2-8 °C. When storage condition is as directed, all reagents are stable until expiration date, as indicated on the kit box.

Intended Use

DNJia Tissue and Bacteria Kit provides the components and procedures necessary for purifying genomic DNA from animal tissue and bacteria cells. Notice that, DNJia Tissue and Bacteria Kit is intended for molecular biology applications not for diagnostic use.  We recommend all users to study DNA experiments guideline, before starting their work.

Warning and Precautions

Due to chemical material usage that may be hazardous, always make sure to wear suitable lab coat, disposable gloves, and protective eyewear. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for all products and reagents are provided. They are accessible online at ROJE Technologies

Quality Control

DNJia Tissue and Bacteria Kit is tested against predetermined experiments on a lot-to-lot basis according to ROJETechnologies ISO-certified quality management system, to ensure consistent product quality. For your information, the results of all experiments are accessible by addressing Cat and Lot number on web at ROJE Technologies


DNJia Tissue and Bacteria Kit is designed for isolating DNA from up to 25 mg tissue sample or up to 2 x 109 bacteria cells. Lysis is achieved by incubation of the sample in a RJ-Protease enzyme solution and TLB.  Appropriate conditions for DNA binding to the silica membrane is achieved by the addition of chaotropic salts and Ethanol to the lysate. Then, DNA is selectively bound to the membrane. Contaminants are removed by two specific washing buffers. Pure genomic DNA is finally eluted in rehydration buffer. Isolated DNA is ready to use in downstream applications. It has A 260/ A 280 ratios of 1.7–2, and a symmetric peak at 260 nm by spectrophotometer, confirms high purity.

Equipment & Reagents to be supplied by user

  • Ethanol (96-100%)
  • Pipets and pipet tips
  • 5 ml Microtube
  • Vortex
  • Centrifuge
  • Micro centrifuge
  • Dry Heat Block/ Water Bath


The isolated DNA can be used in many downstream applications:

  • Different kinds of PCRs, including Long-range PCR
  • Sequencing
  • Restriction digestion
  • Southern blotting
  • Cloning

Recommended Starting Material

To reach optimized results it is better to follow as listed here. The size of recommended material is written in Table 2.

Table 2: Appropriate size of starting material

Sample Size of Starting Material (min-max)
Liver 1-25 mg
Brain 1-25 mg
Kidney 1-25 mg
Spleen 1-10 mg
Ear 1-25 mg
Muscle 1-25 mg
Skin 1-25 mg
Heart 1-25 mg
Lung 1-25 mg
Mouse tail 1-25 mg
Rat tail 1-25 mg
Bacteria cells 250 x 10 8 to 2 x 109

Technical Assistance

ROJETechnologies guarantees your complete satisfaction. ROJE technical support team composed of highly trained experienced scientists, who are able to troubleshoot most problems you face. Our technical support team can offer expert advice which may help you select suitable product.

Contact our technical support at any time by selecting one of these ways:

  • Through our telephone and fax number available at ROJETechnologies website.
  • You can submit your question directly to ROJE Technical Support Team from our website (rojetechnologies.com)

Or send your questions to this email address, [email protected]


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Additional information


100 reactions, 50 reactions


Features Specifications
Elution volume 50-200µl
Technology Silica technology
Main sample type Animal tissue/Bacteria
Processing   Manual
Sample amount ·         10-25 mg of tissue

·         Up to 2×109 bacteria cells

Operation time per reaction Less than 2 h
Typical yield 35 µg
Average purity A260/A280= 1.7-2.0
Size of DNA Purified ≈50 kb
Enzyme RJ-Protease

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This post is also available in: blankPersian


MSDS DNJia Tissue and Bacteria Kit

Hand Book DNJia Tissue and Bacteria Kit

Quick Protocol EN  FA

Video Protocol Download

This post is also available in: blankPersian


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