Virus Transport Medium (VTM)


It is used for transferring specimens of virus-infected cases.

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The existence and effective identification of the virus depends on quality, transfer, and storage conditions before testing in the laboratory.
ROJE Virus Transport Medium is designed to sample, store, and transfer virus-infected clinical samples from health centers, hospitals, and medical laboratories.


Medium features

Each vial contains 3ml Hanks buffer medium, phenol red (as PH indicator), and antibiotics. This medium also includes anti-fungal compounds to prevent the growth of the fungi come from the swab.


Storage and shelf life

Keep the product in 2 to 8 ◦c. In proper storage, the product could be kept for 1 year.


Warning and Precautions

  • According the ministry of health regulations, this solution could be sold only to licensed laboratories for emergency use and In Vitro Diagnosis (IVD) condition only.
  • All patients’ samples and positive control should be considered potentially infectious.
  • Before starting the process, read biosafety instructions for COVID – 19 on the link below:
  • Every step of the process, such as sampling, storage, transferring, and lab testing, must be compatible with biosafety in molecular biology laboratory guidelines.
  • Dispose of wastes based on biosafety guidelines.
  • The bench and all lab equipment should be regularly disinfected using 70% Ethanol or 10% Sodium Hypochlorite solution.
  • Do not use it If there is evidence of contamination or damage in solutions.
  • Avoid gargling this solution


The VTM is stable until the expiration date is written on the container label.



ROJETechnologies guarantee the efficiency of this product. For more information on choosing proper products based on your needs, please contact our technical support team. If any products do not satisfy you, please contact our technical support team due to reasons other than misuse. If the problem is for the manufacturing process, the ROJE team will replace the Kit for you.


Dear users

This product is only for experiments and not for commercial use of any kind- No right to resell this kit or any components. For information about our licensing or distributors, contact the ROJE business team.



Protocol Virus Transport Medium (VTM)




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