ROJETechnologies Guarantee and Support

Guarantee is a reassurance that ROJETechnologies offers its customers to protect their rights.
How to activate the Guarantee
Consulting with technical support unit before choosing a product is a necessary requirement to activate the product Guarantee. After consulting, the purchase ID will be registered and the guarantee will be activated for you. If you previously have used the product and you are aware of its capabilities, the Guarantee will be automatically activated.


Cases that include Guarantee:
 If results of your tests are not within the range claimed in product handbooks.
 It is necessary to announce any product breakdown or leakage within 48 hours post-delivery.
 Customer dissatisfaction with product quality.


◆ Cases that do not include Guarantee:
 Using products in cases, which are not claimed by ROJETechnologies.
 If the products are not stored at suitable temperature, as described on buffer and enzyme labels.
 Ignoring the product protocol and misuse.
 Failure to announce product breakdown or leakage within 48 hours post-delivery.


◆ Different types of Guarantee implementation mode:
 Components replacement Guarantee
 Product replacement Guarantee
 Money-back Guarantee

Note: One of the above items applies to each customer based on the technical support decision.


ROJE services in case of absence of Guarantee:
 Phone counseling will be available for costumers as long as they wish to. Our goal in each support effort is to completely solve the costumer’s problem.
 Free presence of expert in-site for VIP customers, and in-site expert attendance only by receiving transportation and accommodation costs for other customers.
 If possible, we simulate customer’s experiment conditions in R&D lab, for appropriate and personalized support.

Note: In order to study the terms and conditions of being a VIP customer, please refer to the FAQ section of the site.


◆ Response time:
Depending on the product and the issue, it takes between 1 to 5 working days to execute your guarantee.

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