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DNJia FFPE Tissue Kit

CG-ROMAX Kit, (Ready-to-use)

 2,676,000 5,106,000

CG-ROMAX Kit is designed to amplify highly CG-rich regions of DNA, up-to 1kb fragments with a maximum of 80% CG content, in the most efficient way.

DNJia FFPE Tissue Kit

Fail-Safe-ROMAX 2X PCR Master- Mix

Fail-Safe-ROMAX, 2X PCR Master-Mix, provides a solution with combination of Pfu and Taq polymerases, Which guarantee both efficient and failsafe amplification.

DNJia FFPE Tissue Kit

nRT-ROSET, Recombinant M-MLV

 9,334,800 16,816,800

RTase, Recombinant Reverse transcriptase enzyme is an engineered version of M-MLV reverse transcriptase with deficient RNase H activity. The enzyme is purified from E. coli expressing a portion of the gene of M-MLV on a plasmid. The enzyme is used to synthesize first-strand cDNA up to 8 kb. HiPure-Anchored-Oligo (dT)18 primer is provided in the kit for higher yield and full-length cDNA synthesis.

DNJia FFPE Tissue Kit

ROMAX 2X PCR Master- Mix


ROMAX PCR master mix is a 2X concentrated solution containing all the components necessary for PCR. It is optimized to give reproducible results.

DNJia FFPE Tissue Kit

RT-ROSET, Recombinant M-MLV, (with RNase inhibitor)

 11,325,600 20,385,600

RT-ROSET kit contains all necessary components for conversion of total RNA or mRNA to the single stranded cDNA. The RTmix solutions contains, RTbuffer, 1mM dNTP mixture, 8mM MgC12,01igo d(t)16, Random hexamer and stabilizer. MixZyme contains thermostable H-minus MMLV, RNase Inhibitor and stabilizer.