Licensing opportunities

At ROJETechnologies, we offer out-licensing of Nucleic Acid Purification Kits. We have extensive experience developing a wide range of specific nucleic acid isolation kits and reagents.  We actively seeking out licensing opportunities in the following areas:

  • RNJia Kit
  • RNJia Bacteria Kit
  • RNJia Fibrous Kit
  • RNJia Lipid Kit
  • RNJia PB Kit
  • RNSol Reagent
  • RNsol H Reagent
  • RNall Kit
  • RNJia Virus Kit
  • MiRJia Kit
  • MiRJia PB Kit
  • MiRJia Lipid Kit
  • PlasJia Mini Kit
  • GelJia Kit
  • PCR-Pure Kit
  • Safe PCR-Pure Kit
  • Gel & PCR Purification Set

Applicant information

If you wish to use this opportunity, please fill the following boxes. Submit your request and wait to receive a call from ROJE sale department.

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