About ROJETechnologies company

Since its foundation in 2014, ROJETechnologies has evolved from a research-based company into a fully grown, commercially successful biotechnology organization.

This group is composed of different departments from pure science, research and developments to manufacturing. ROJETechnologies manufactures a wide range of molecular biology kits.

We research, develop and create our products in order to make easier and more comfortable approaches to do research in molecular biology.

We combine highest quality standards for all our products (certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and CE standards) with individualized customer support and environmental considerations.

Our target is offering high-quality affordable molecular and diagnostic kits and reagents, comparable to the world leaders, to the research centers, laboratories, clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centers all over the world.

We establish direct lines of communication from clients to our in-house scientists, resulting in productive interactions among people with similar research interests who speak the same language.

Our values



We build our company on innovation, providing products that are new and desirable.



We make scientific progress to improve standards of life.



We do our best in conservation, preserving and improving the natural environment with an image of what is needed to flourish for future.


ROJE success lies in the dedication of its staff and, above all, the experience of its management team that brings a treasure of knowledge in different areas of ROJE daily procedures and an in-depth understanding of the industry needs.


Chief Executive and Scientific Officer


CEO of ROJETechnologies since 2014, Mohammad Bagher Mahmoudi is responsible for making top-level managerial decisions at ROJETechnologies. He is setting strategic goals and making sure they are measurable and describable as well as leading the development of the company’s short- and long-term strategy. He assesses risks to the company and ensuring they are monitored and minimized. He holds a master of science on Human Genetics. His great background in leaderships of big biological projects at university make him powerful in creating strategies for ROJE day-to-day success.


Chief Business Officer


Chief Business Officer since 2016, Ebrahim Nikfarjam is responsible for commercial and business strategy and manages all activities affecting business development. He joined marketing industry in 2000 as CEO of concrete manufacturing before joining ROJETechnologies in 2014. He holds a master degree in business administration and has a great experience in digital marketing.


Chief Quality Assurance Officer


Chief Quality Assurance Officer since 2014, Ensieh Shahvazian is responsible for collecting data that is highly accurate and can demonstrate the organization’s standard of quality. She provides advice and support in the design, preparation and, implementation of operational policy matters, and spearheads the implementation of the product quality and results. She holds a master degree in Human genetics from Medical University of Shahid Sadoughi.


Chief Manufacturing Officer


Chief Manufacturing Officer since 2018, Peyman Pejmanmehr is responsible for process development of recombinant protein as well as launching production process for isolation kits, up to GMP manufacturing of clinical materials. He received his doctorate from Tehran Medical University of Iran on biology.

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